Gerald Giroux

Gerald Giroux

Project Engineer

Gerald Giroux the Project Engineer for the Wind Energy Institute of Canada since 2008 and has worked in the engineering field since 1992. Gerald is responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing operation of testing and technology development projects in support of WEICan’s mandate.

Gerald skills include control system design and installation, computer programming, instrumentation and data management. He has experience with execution of construction projects, the preparation of project proposal submissions, development of operational and testing procedures in accordance with technical standards applicable to wind turbine testing for certification ( IEC 61400 series, BWEA, CSA, etc ) and measurement and instrumentation standards.

Gerald participated in many committees such as IEC 61400-2 and IEA Task 27 addressing testing protocols in North America and worldwide. He is currently Chair for the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), subcommittee – Small Wind Turbines (C61400-2). The purpose of this subcommittee is to coordinate Canadian involvement of the small wind industry and input in to the development of international standards. Gerald also participates in wind technology development and prototype testing, preparing technical papers, and presents technical results at various industry forums.

Gerald has been interest in renewable energy since high school which guided him to choose a career in engineering. Gerald lives in Summerside with his wife, Monica and son, Jordan while his daughter, Bethany is pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericto


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