The following publications have been written by or with WEICan staff. The publications include technical reports, journal articles, conference papers, presentations, fact sheets, and brochures. Many publications are available electronically as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Some journal articles or presentations may only be available through the links with proper credentials. If you would like to access a publication that is not available here as a PDF, please contact us.


Technical Reports

Electricity Bill Reduction (Electricity Bill Reduction Report 2015.pdf)

WEICan Wind R&D Park for Innovation in Grid Integration (report completed in fulfillment of WEICan’s Clean Energy Fund Contract with Natural Resources Canada) (WEICan Outreach Report 2014.pdf)

Parc de R-D sur l’énergie éolienne et système de stockage pour l’innovation dans l’intégration à un réseau (WEICan FR Outreach Report 2014.pdf)


D. Watson, M. Rodgers, Displacing Diesel Peaker Usage with 1 MW/2 MWH Storage System, presented at Energy Storage Association Meeting, Charlotte, North Carolina, April 2016 (ESA Poster 2016)

G. Giroux, J. Wang, B. Gaudette, S. Harper, C. Houston, M. Rodgers, D. Watson, Wind Turbine Data Analysis Using a Standard Report Format, presented at CanWEA’s O&M Summit, Toronto, Ontario, February 2016 (CanWEA OM Poster 2016.pdf)

D. Watson, M. Rodgers, Diesel Displacement on an Island Grid with a 1 MW/2 MWh Battery Energy Storage System, presented at Energy Storage Association Meeting, Dallas, Texas, May 2015 (ESA Poster 2015.pdf)

M. Rodgers, D. Watson, Performance of a 1 MW Storage System in Various Grid Applications within a Wind R&D Park, presented at Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies, Portland, Oregon, September 2015 (EESAT Poster 2015.pdf)

Annual Reports/Handouts

Handout – Wind R&D Park Operational Statistics (2015) (WEICAN-Wind R&D Park Operational Stats 2015.pdf)

Handout – Impact of Wakes and Cliffs on Wind Speed and Turbulence (2015) (WEICAN-PEIWEE 2015.pdf)

Handout – Wind Energy Institute of Canada Research Program (2015) (WEICAN-Research Program 2015.pdf)

Handout – Wind Energy Storage and Grid Integration (2015) (WEICAN-BESS 2015.pdf)

Wind energy Institute of Canada Annual Operational Update – Fall 2014 (WEICan Operational 2014.pdf)

WEICan Factsheet 2014 (Factsheet completed in fulfillment of of WEICan’s Clean Energy Fund Contract with Natural Resources Canada) (WEICan Factsheet 2014.pdf)

WEICan Factsheet 2008 (WEICan Factsheet 2008.pdf)

Institut de l’énergie éolienne du Canada (WEICan FR Factsheet 2008.pdf).

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada advances the development of wind energy across Canada through research, testing, innovation and collaboration.