Network Members

Name: Jamie Baxter, PhD
Affiliation: Geography and Environment, Western University
Research Interests

  • Social aspects of wind energy development (social acceptance)
  • Community-owned wind energy development
  • Environmental justice

Name: André Bégin-Drolet, PhD
Affiliation: Université Laval
Research Interests

  • Wind energy in cold climate and icy conditions
  • Icing assessment and impact on wind energy production
  • Wind Energy alternative operational strategies (cold climate)
  • Load measurements
  • Mechanical engineering design

Name: Joshua Brinkerhoff, PhD, P.Eng
Affiliation: School of Engineering, UBC Okanagan
Research Interests

  • Wind turbine aerodynamics
  • Modelling induction/blockage effects
  • Wind farm/atmosphere interactions
  • Computational fluid dynamics

Names: Rupp Carriveau PhD, P.Eng and Lindsay Miller, PhD, P.Eng
Affiliation: University of Windsor
Research Interests

  • Wind farm lifetime extension
  • Offshore wind
  • Innovative project financing

Name: Curran Crawford, PhD, P.Eng
Affiliation: Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, University of Victoria
Research Interests

  • Digital twins, ML and UQ for wind energy and battery systems
  • Floating offshore wind energy for CO2 capture and E-fuels production
  • Grid and micro-grid integration of wind energy with E-transport and demand response

Name: Jordan Eamer, PhD
Affiliation: Geological Survey of Canada - Atlantic
Research Interests

  • Offshore wind installations in Atlantic Canada:
    • Infrastructure required
    • Geologically suitable foundation conditions
    • Shallow subsurface geological models
    • Geotechnical characterization of offshore sediment types

Name: Adrian Ilinca, PhD
Affiliation: Ecole de technologie superieure
Research Interests

  • Adaptation of wind energy to cold climates
  • Wind turbine icing
  • Renewable energy hybrid systems
  • Wind-diesel systems

Name: Andrea Kraj, PhD, P.Eng
Affiliation: CEO and President of the CORE Renewable Energy, Fulbright Arctic Scholar
Research Interests

  • Microgrids & virtual power plants
  • Smart cities & sustainable communities
  • Energy security
  • Icing mitigation and innovation of wind turbines in cold climates

Name: Fahed Martini, PhD, P.Eng
Affiliation: Université du Québec à Rimouski, Wind Energy Research Laboratory
Research Interests

  • Wind turbine icing
  • CFD modelling and simulation
  • Wind energy engineering
  • Computer-aided engineering - ANSYS

Name: Phil McKay, MASc
Affiliation: Canadian Renewable Energy Association
Research Interests

  • Site-wide optimization, aerodynamics, capacity increases, hybrid technologies
  • Grid integration, reliability services, resource forecasting
  • Sustainability, biomimicry, nature-based solutions
Organization: Meteorological Service of Canada

Names: Franco Petrucci, MBA, MSc,; Simon-Philippe Breton, PhD
Research Interests

  • Icing forecasting
  • Wind ramp forecasting
  • Solar radiation forecasting

Organization: Energy & Power Innovation Centre - Mohawk College
Names: Laith Al-Musawi, MASC, P.Eng,; Mariano Arriaga, PhD, P.Eng,; Patrick McInnis,
Research Interests

  • Grid integration modelling
  • Protection & control lab

Organization: Nergica
Names: Dominic Bolduc, MASc, ; Marc Defossez, PhD,; Charles Godreau, MEng, P.Eng, ; Oliver Pare-Lambert, MSc, P.Eng,
Research Interests

  • Distributed wind and hybrid systems
  • Remote sensing (LIDAR)
  • Wind turbines in cold climate and icing forecasting
  • Wind turbine control and end-of-life issues
  • Blade inspection and damage evaluation

Name: Qiao Sun, PhD, P.Eng
Affiliation: University of Calgary
Research Interests

  • Integrated systems modeling
  • Fault detection and diagnosis
  • Remaining useful life estimation

Name: Lukas Swan, PhD, P.Eng
Affiliation: Renewable Energy Storage Laboratory at Dalhousie University
Research Interests

  • Battery research at cell, module, pack level
  • Wind, solar, tidal, and electricity grid modelling with energy storage

Organization: Wind Energy Institute of Canada
Names: Paige Gallant, MASc, ; Marianne Rodgers, PhD, ; Robbie Sanderson, PhD
Research Interests

  • Grid integration of renewable energy
  • Wind energy asset management
Name: David Wood, PhD

Affiliation: University of Calgary
Research Interests

  • Small wind turbine aeroelastic modelling
  • Fundamental wind turbine aerodynamics
  • Wind power forecasting and wind resource assessment

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada advances the development of wind energy across Canada through research, testing, innovation and collaboration.