Canadian Wind Energy Research Network

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WEICan is proposing the development of a Canadian Wind Energy Research Network that would meet at least once a year to discuss topics relevant to the wind energy research community.

For more information, contact Marianne Rodgers.


A national forum for wind energy R&D specifically focused on the needs of Canadian stakeholders has been absent since the completion of the NSERC Wind Energy Strategic Network (WESNet), active mainly from 2005 to 2012. A new Canadian Wind Energy Research Network would create not only a forum for collaboration, but would serve to accelerate the uptake and impact of research products, and ensure that industry and government have an active role in shaping research direction.

The Research Network will hold at least one meeting per year. The network will be kicked off at the winter 2021 meeting (see Program). Members of the research network will share their current and planned research activities or research needs, and actively look for opportunities for collaboration with other members. Members with intersecting areas of interest will be encouraged to engage in joint research and to pursue external funding opportunities.

The Research Network will initially focus on MW-scale wind turbine generators. Once active, and subject to interest of the parties and available resources, the network may expand into other areas including solar and storage applications.


A Steering Committee, consisting of Academia, Government, and Research Labs will designate research areas or themes, with a leader appointed to each agreed upon area.

Steering Committee

  • Ryan Kilpatrick,Research Engineer, CanmetENERGY – Ottawa, Natural Resources Canada / Government of Canada
  • Marianne Rodgers, Scientific Director, WEICan
  • Rupp Carriveau, Professor, University of Windsor
  • Cédric Arbez, Manager, Research and Innovation, Nergica

Who should participate?

  • Anyone actively engaged in research and development related to one of the listed research themes
  • Policymakers at the federal or provincial/territorial level with an interest in renewable energy
  • Utilities and system operators
  • Members of the wind energy industry or other renewable energy and energy storage industries
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