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Arjun Ajay, UBC: LES Simulation of Flow Over Wind Turbines in Complex Terrain
Modelling of Wind turbine farms in complex terrain is becoming increasingly important due to the lack of optimal wind turbine farm locations. Atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) flow over complex terrain involve additional challenges due to the high wind sheer and turbulent intensity. They also impact the downstream wake growth and upstream blockage effect due to the flow acceleration/ deceleration that cause streamwise pressure gradients. In this study, LES simulation of ABL flow over complex terrain, modelled as a gaussian hill using sharp interface immersed boundary method, will be performed to study their effects on a single wind turbine. Additionally, the effect of multiscale roughness elements (cylindrical elements) on the ABL flow will be studied. The results will be used to develop a local induction model to predict the upstream blockage effect.

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