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David Kiefte, Dalhousie University: Wind Farm Capacity Value as a Function of Year, Maintenance Schedule, Data Resolution, and Ambient Temperature
Capacity value is an important metric to determining the reliable power from intermittent generation during periods of high electrical load. This study examines three factors that potential influence the capacity value by examining and presenting performance of Nova Scotia wind farms: (1) strategically timing maintenance to low load periods; (2) how different sub-hourly data resolution and analysis gives different results; and (3) the correlation of ambient temperature, load, and wind resource. We find that (1) strategic maintenance scheduling to have no impact, likely due to it being focused on low wind periods; (2) finer timestep resolution does reduce capacity value, but only to a small degree; and (3) that high loads are correlated with low temperature and high winds leading to higher capacity values during these periods.

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