David Wood

dr. david wood

(Director for 5 years)

Schulich Chair in Renewable Energy

University of Calgary
Calgary (AB)

Dr. Wood’s main research interests are in small wind turbines and other forms of renewable energy.  His book Small Wind Turbines was published by Springer in 2011.  Prior to going to the University of Calgary in February, 2010, he was part-owner and technical director Aerogenesis Australia, a company commercializing the small wind turbine technology he helped to develop over many years at the University of Newcastle.  At the University of Calgary, he has started a project to monitor, model and predict the urban wind resource to support the installation of small wind turbines in Calgary and other urban areas in Alberta.  Other research areas include generator and control system modelling and development, multi-dimensional optimization of turbine design, solar and wind resource forecasting and remote power systems.  He has a strong interest in renewable energy for developing countries and is currently working on three projects in Nepal: on novel methods of controlling micro-hydro turbines, performance monitoring of hybrid remote power systems and the use of bamboo for small wind turbine towers and blades.  In 2012 and 2013 he lectured on renewable energy in Ethiopia.

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