May 31, 2023

Employment Oportunity: Senior Engineer

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan) was founded in 1981 as a non-profit organization that aims to advance wind energy across Canada through research, testing, innovation, and collaboration. Our location in North Cape on Canada's east coast provides an ideal setting for wind research, with extensive exposure to the water, typical wind speeds of 8.9 m/s at 80 m, and frequent icing occurrences each year. 

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a 10 MW Wind R&D Park, 223 kWh of energy storage, 109 kW of bifacial and monofacial PV, meteorological towers, a small wind test bed. As a result, we have a wealth of data and a team of experts that enable us to offer practical opportunities for the government, private/public sector businesses, and academic institutions to investigate, demonstrate, test, and authenticate technologies and concepts.

 At WEICan, our focus is on researching, developing, and demonstrating renewable energy technologies. Therefore, our personnel have a range of engineering backgrounds and experiences.

 WEICan is always looking for talented

  • Senior-Level Engineers
  • Intermediate Engineers
  • Junior Engineers

who are passionate about joining a purpose-driven organization dedicated to wind energy research.

There is a current requirement for a Senior Engineer, but we always seek people to join WEICan.

If you may match any of these areas, consider submitting your resume

  • Experience in wind systems
  • Understanding of the electricity grid
  • Experience in team management
  • Experience in an energy-related field
  • Experience in electrical/mechanical instrumentation design and implementation
  • Experience in engineering research
  • Experience in building and planning utility-scale energy-related projects
  • Knowledge of data analysis and modelling, and vibration analysis techniques
  • Knowledge of industrial control technologies
  • Experience working with utilities
  • Relevant experience in electrical systems
  • Experience in programming
  • Experience in instrumentation, digital control systems, and data acquisition systems
  • Experience in project management
  • Knowledgeable in CSA, CEC, and the IEC wind turbine standards
  • Knowledge of computer systems, MS Office and CAD software packages
  • Excellent communication skills

We offer a range of job opportunities for people with an engineering background and their areas of expertise and interests. Depending on the specific job requirements, these roles may include research, project management, operations, design, analysis, or assessment.

A Bachelor's Degree in Engineering is required for this position. A Graduate Degree is an asset.

WEICan is located in North Cape, Prince Edward Island, and there will be some fieldwork, including climbing wind turbines and meteorological towers. There may be intermittent travel, and candidates must have a Canadian driver's license and the ability to hold a Canadian passport is preferred.

If you would like to join WEICan or have questions about opportunities, please submit your resume and cover letter through Indeed indicating you interest in working with WEICan or contact Jacqui at
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The Wind Energy Institute of Canada advances the development of wind energy across Canada through research, testing, innovation and collaboration.