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Qiao Sun/Iurii Storozhenko/Joseph Fernando/Neysa Gunness/Ali Hajnayeb, University of Calgary: Building a Wind Turbine System Model to Assist Health Condition Monitoring and Failure Prediction
We take a model based approach to tackle the problem of wind turbine control and failure prediction. A system level model that includes component models based on underlying physics principles complemented with data-driven elements to capture unmodeled dynamics can be superior in its ability of root cause analysis, fault progression and system failure prediction. In our research program, we aim to establish an integrated wind turbine system model. It can be used to simulate the system’s behavior as the result of faults and fault progression. It can also be used to analyze the effect of a localized fault on system’s overall dynamics behavior and the well-being of other components to inform effective intervention. In this presentation, we will discuss a few past and on-going projects.

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